Zoe Heron & John Bogoevski

Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes – Team


Catholic Homes Inc.

John Bogoevski is our Home Care Operations Manager who works very closely with his peer Zoe Heron our Clinical Manager Home Care Services. Both are dedicated and committed to our clients and the team, always finding time to support staff when needed (anytime day/night) while ensuring high quality person-centred care to our clients. Although we have over 400 clients, they are familiar with all who have crossed their path, are regularly commended by clients and staff for their care and commitment to finding the best outcome for our clients, thinking outside the box to find solutions.
Both managers regularly work on weekends and outside normal office hours, covering on-call when no one is availables; helping their teams, visiting clients to check their wellbeing or provide care, including clinical care. They go above and beyond each day, with very little fuss and always with a smile on their face.
For example; In the current COVID environment Zoe has completed numerous clinical shifts on weekends to cover nurses on leave, while John has been completing his Master in Nursing in his own time to further enhance his care for our clients . John and Zoe consistently care above and beyond thier normal duties without complaint and on top of already long days. They make the workplace a happy and supportive place to work; providing support, humour and care at all times.

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