Yaandina Aged Care Team

Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes – Team


Yaandina Community Services Ltd

Yaandina Aged Care is located in Roebourne, 1600kms north of Perth, in an Aboriginal community, surrounded by iron ore mines, gas plants and ports. The aged care has 20 beds with both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal residents. The Aged Care Team has worked tirelessly over the last 2 years to keep the residents safe from COVID and we have not had an Outbreak to date. The Aged Care team has been decimated with staff leaving and because of the extended WA border closures and the fierce competition for jobs in our region from the high paying resources sector and government plus the added burden of little and high cost housing. The remaining small team has maintained their sense of humour, professionalism and never give up attitude in the face of supply chain issues regarding food and resident aids, frail and lonely residents who have few visitors and increased workload due to the pandemic. This region is known as the one that brings the most money into the country through the resources sector and the real unsung heroes, who keep people alive and happy regardless of the insurmountable challenges, are invisible to the wider community and country. It would be amazing if they could receive recognition for their tireless efforts.

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