William Wood

Skye Harvey Acts of Kindness - Individual


Uniting NSW.ACT

Will is a clinical nurse consultant and has worked at the Medically Supervised Injecting Clinic for 14 years. He shows respect and kindness to all his clients, and always affords them unconditional positive regard. One example which demonstrates Will’s kindness is his work with one of our long-term clients with challenging and socially inappropriate behaviours. This client was also homeless and dependent on various substances and had been turned away from multiple other services. He had been in need of a medical procedure for many years and Will worked patiently with him over many months to get this much needed care and attention. Will gently helped the client to understand not only why he needed to have this procedure, but exactly what needed to happen for him to be ready for it. Will then liaised with the hospital to get the required pre-operative care, helped hospital staff with managing this person’s inappropriate behaviour, and assisted with the client’s post-operative care. Will went the extra mile, was flexible, client centred, and showed the client the respect and kindness he, as any human, deserves.


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