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Warrigal’s objective in rethinking aged care provision at Queanbeyan is about putting older people first; engaging them at every level of the organisation; smashing ageist paradigms and changing mindsets about aged care by building a culture that celebrates all of this. The state-of-the-art home and the way Warrigal delivers services is truly a new way of providing quality care for older people.

This building is more than bricks and mortar, it’s an innovative platform for a revolutionary new model for aged care services. The three-level building is based around social connections and self-directed living, all designed to maximise a person’s lived experience of lifestyle, choice, and wellness. The experience for customers enables them to find purpose and exercise choice rather than follow a prescribed routine – nothing at all like a traditional aged care home.

The housing is designed to allow the customer to remain, if they wish, in the same residential aged care suite or serviced apartment for the remainder of their lives. The age-proof suites and apartments are designed to support customers with aging in place to accommodate lift equipment, oxygen, wheelchairs and so on, as needed. This means each room is customised to individual needs, and the serviced apartments can cater to married couples.

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