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Warrigal exists so older people live their best lives, on their own terms.

But how can they when the people they rely on are underpaid?

Warrigal wanted to show our 1750 staff we’d work hard for wage justice. We also helped ACSA put pressure on Government, making this a public issue.

On 12 May, Warrigal rallied leaders, staff and residents from local ACSA providers (BBCRI, Marco Polo, MACI, RFBI, and Illawarra Diggers), along with media and union representatives, to highlight the problem.

We wanted older people and local aged care workers to know we’re here for them.

The rally focussed on wage justice: lift aged care wages to match disability carers and hospital levels for nurses.

Hazel, a 96 year old Marco Polo resident, delivered fiery messages, “Nursing homes are 24 hours, and there must be a well-paid nurse every hour”. Her words were met with loud cheers. Another resident from MACI noted she hadn’t attended a protest rally since Vietnam War, and this cause was just as important!

The event attracted WIN TV and Illawarra Mercury coverage, and many federal MPs shared on social media, reinforcing to our communities that older people and their staff matter.

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