Thomas Fairhall

Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes - Individual


Uniting NSW.ACT

The students at Nambucca Heads 120 Countdown program have all benefitted Tom’s knowledge, experience, commitment and diligence as a volunteer. It is not an understatement to say that the program in Nambucca would be a dim shadow of itself without him. He regularly shows initiative whenever he sees that something needs to be done. He checks in with students to ensure they have all they need and is proactive with providing learning resources to build their knowledge and safety.
In one instance, a young student with a challenging family background approached us, needing help to get her license. She was desperate not to let this hold her back from obtaining independence. Tom heard about her situation and offered his help. This is utterly typical of Tom and demonstrates his completely un-selfish attitude to offering his time and help to those who need it. Thanks to Tom’s commitment and dedication, the student took her test and passed the first time! This was a mere two days before she moved to Port Macquarie, started her degree, and a new and triumphant chapter in her life. Without Tom’s selflessness and perseverance, she would have had no way at all to achieve this outcome.


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