Telephone Support Team – South Australian Red Cross

Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes – Team


Australian Red Cross

2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the Australian Red Cross Telephone Support program, known as Telecross. From humble beginnings in South Australia in 1972, Telecross has grown to include ten staff and 180 volunteer here in South Australia.
The team often minimizes their contribution to what is frequently a lifesaving service.
Telecross is there for people who live alone or are socially isolated and might otherwise go unnoticed if it were not for the daily calls. In the last year alone, the team have made almost a quarter of a million calls!
As well as providing a welfare check the team advocates for clients by providing information and referrals that facilitates making informed self-care decisions. The impact of this connection is evident in the way clients express heartfelt gratitude and how the conversations are the highlight of their day. For many, the Telephone Support program is the reason they are confident to remain living independently in their own homes.
As they celebrate 50 years of memorable clients, volunteers, and interesting conversations, the Telephone Support team truly deserves to receive the Unsung Hero Team Award for their continued service to the most vulnerable within our community.

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