Tania Roberts

Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes – Individual


Resthaven Incorporated

Resthaven Mitcham Personal Care and Lifestyle Assistant, Tania Roberts, enjoys the varied roles she plays in aged care, and the opportunities made available to her – ‘there is nothing else quite as fulfilling as our purpose’, which for Resthaven is ‘Working together: Outstanding care and support for older people and their carers’.
The integral part of why Tania enjoys her work, is the positive impact that she can have on older people’s everyday lives.
‘No matter what is going on in life, as soon as I walk through those doors, it is about the residents – and that in itself helps to ground me and see what is important at times’. During her work with Resthaven, Tania has held the important role of resident Santa. Offering an element of fun for herself, her co-workers and of course, the residents.
‘I have loved being Santa! The residents get a kick out of it and it is something that they look forward to and something that I have come to look forward to as well’.
‘It is incredible what we all do in aged care. These are people’s lives that we have a responsibility to, and it is magic to see the connections that can be formed between the generations’.
Thank you, Tania, for being Resthaven Mitcham’s unsung hero!

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