Tamara Bakker-Rennie

Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes – Individual



When RSL Care SAs rostering coordinator left the organization, we asked our Morlancourt Receptionist, Tamara if she could temporarily step into the role of roster coordinator as filling shifts in aged care has become extremely difficult due to the pandemic and the various other challenges the sector faces.
Tamara has an incredible ‘can do’ attitude and is doing an amazing job of filling vacant shifts for the organization. This is not an easy task, as not only are we facing the challenges of a pandemic, but we are also updating our IT infrastructure and rostering systems in the hope of creating a more time efficient and easier to use rostering and payroll system.
The rostering coordinator role has not been easy for Tamara, however she has shown enormous resilience and quietly gone about her work without complaint, achieving great results for the organization, which as we know ultimately benefits the residents in our care, because they have familiar and consistent care.

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