Sue Visser

Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes – Individual



Sue Visser is part of the team at Eldercare Cottage Grove, Woodcroft. Sue started her career in Aged Care as a personal care worker which she did diligently for many years, assisting residents with their activities of daily living.
Then she decided to study for her Cert IV in Lifestyle and Leisure and remains an integral part of the Wellbeing and Lifestyle Team at Cottage Grove. Sue completed a secondment with Continuous Improvement where she refined her skills when receiving resident feedback, assisting Eldercare to design services with a person centred focus. Now she focuses on Wellbeing , as well as keeping our group activity program running smoothly. Being multi skilled is a plus for Eldercare. Sue is someone we can always rely on; Personal care work, Wellbeing & Lifestyle and leadership roles as required.
Sue is without a doubt an unsung hero. Residents readily acknowledge her caring, reliable presence and considerate nature and highly value her efforts to support their quality of life. As her team leader, I am thankful to have Sue as part of my team and feel she thoroughly deserves the recognition of Unsung Hero. Sue is always willing to lend a hand and regularly exceeds expectations.

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