Steven McMahon

Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes – Individual



Steven has been amazing keeping things afloat in the Meadow Spring Kitchen during a time when he was a team of one instead of a team of three Chef’s! He always has a smile, has no hesitation in putting in extra hours and effort to ensure residents at McNamara Lodge and on the Estate have delicious food, he maintains team moral and is a great example of keeping cool and carrying on. Thanks Steve you are truly appreciated by us all! “Chef Steven McMahon is a true example of someone who works above and beyond In his position of Chef. Steven joined the team at Meadow Springs during a very turbulent time due to staffing issues created by the COVID pandemic. The kitchen provides a 7day a week service for almost 100 residential care clients along with home delivered respite meals, takeaway meals, and a restaurant service for up to 350 independent retirement living residents. Shortly after Steven joined the team, he found himself to be the solo Chef managing a kitchen that should have had three Chefs! Steven took it all in his stride and remained focused and positive providing a great example of leadership to our cook and kitchen hands. The significant understaffing did not impact on the quality or efficiency of service to our residential customers which is of course the priority, or to those independent living customers requiring home delivered hot meals. This was as a result of Stevens “keep calm and carry on” attitude along with the pride and passion he has for his work and his team.

Since those first few months Stevens’s contribution has continued to go above and beyond expectations in response to the unusual times we find ourselves in. Along with producing food that not only looks amazing but tastes amazing too, he has:

• Inducted & Trained 2 new chefs simultaneously
• Been promoted to 2IC under the Food and Beverage Manager
• Led the team to a successful external audit
• Managed to maintain all quality and hygiene standards for some time after experiencing equipment failure in the kitchen and
• Recently returned voluntarily and without hesitation from a well-earned period of annual leave, after one day when he heard through the grapevine that our Food and Beverage Manager was ill

Steven is extremely respectful of others, always has a smile for everyone, he has no hesitation in putting in extra hours and effort to ensure high quality food is always prepared and delivered in a first-class manner, he maintains team moral and is a leader others are always happy to follow.

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