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Southern Cross Care (SA, NT & VIC) Inc

Southern Cross Care (SCC) has been providing quality aged care and retirement living services to members of our community for more than 50 years. SCC has implemented a new clinical care system that allows personal care workers to evidence the care provided in real time and facilitates real time monitoring for nurses to ensure the delivery of all assessed and planned care that has been negotiated with the resident and/or their partner in care.

The mobile care app is icon driven, making it quick and easy for staff to record care interactions and the mobile monitoring system (MCM) has a number of visual cues that facilitate monitoring and decision making. These alerts and live data indicators provide nurses with greater visibility across the entire care delivery process, allowing them to respond quickly to changing resident needs and preferences and instances of missed care.

We were the first South Australian aged care provider to conduct a trial of the system and it has now been implemented in 12 residential homes across South Australia and the Northern Territory. In it’s first year of use, there was an approximate 20% decrease in the number of critical falls and a 30% decrease in pressure injuries across the homes where it had been implemented.


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