Siddharth Patel

Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes – Individual


Southern Cross Care (NSW & ACT)

Siddharth assists people in the organisation with all IT matters. He never displays disappointment or annoyance; he is always pleasant and helpful to everyone. I hear people say to him “I am dumb when it comes to computers” his response is always along the lines of “that’s why I am here. You are not dumb; your role is not to know how the computer works that is my job. Never see yourself as dumb”. He always puts people at ease no matter how easy the task is i.e. the computer is not plugged in. He will just plug it in and using humour to suggest that be a check point next time.

Sid will always attend to matters as soon as possible and rarely do you have to wait for assistance. His ability to always assist with a smile and reassuring words is a joy to have in the workplace. He has such a gentle nature and dedication to support those on the front line.

He demonstrates the values of Southern Cross Care.

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