Sharon Southwell

Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes – Individual


Silverchain Group

Sharon goes above and beyond to provide Best Care and support a married couple to remain living together safely at home. There were moments of challenge which could have impacted on the couple’s ability to remain safe at home. Sharon worked closely with their GP to undertake a Multiple Disciplinary Review, SAT application and hearing; while also managing the daily care provision.
When the husband’s condition required an urgent hospital admission, Sharon flagged this with the GP and arranged respite for the wife as she is unable to care for herself or live alone. This required working with Residential Care contacts to secure a swift respite placement, which is particularly difficult in COVID times. As there were no other family or friends, Sharon personally took the wife to be admitted to Respite and then later that day/evening, took the husband for his hospital admission. This took many hours and additional work. Hospital staff commended Sharon on her efforts to ensure both the husband and wife were cared for.
The wife was very happy with the admission to Respite. She was soon settled and socialising in the dining room and enjoying a hot lunch with new friends.

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