Senior Citizens Partnership with Medical Students

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Air Force Association (WA Division) Inc t/a RAAFA

Residents at RAAFA’s Air Force Memorial Estate in Bull Creek are being paired with undergraduate medical students at Curtin Medical School for the first time, as part of a joint initiative between Curtin University and RAAFA.

The program sees RAAFA residents’ buddied with two medical students for the duration of their course (5 years) to give the students insight into residents’ lives, the health and wellbeing issues they might face and their experiences with the health care system.

Dr Ute Hauck, coordinator of the program, says the initiative is aimed at helping the students in their future profession as doctors.

“Ultimately, we want to produce future medical doctors capable of looking after this demographic well. The program gives our students an appreciation of what life was like for seniors when they were younger, as well as learning about healthy ageing and improving their communication skills,” she says.

During these catch ups, a range of issues are discussed. Students enquire about social, psychological and environmental factors that have had an impact on the life of the senior, as well as facts contributing to their wellbeing and the person’s perceptions of the healthcare system.


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