Resident Wellbeing – The Buddy Program

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Sawtell Catholic Care

James M Barrie a Scottish novelist once said that those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. We wish blessings and sunshine on our everyday heroes at Sawtell Catholic Care who bravely stepped forward in the face of danger.

In April 2020 Sawtell Catholic Care initiated a voluntary buddy system program where 90 staff members picked up a resident of their choice to look after. It has been humbling to see staff selflessly give their time to our residents. They have cheered up isolated residents in their own time. Staff have been able to stop for a cuppa, have a chat, play a game of cards, or go for simple walks with our lovely residents.

This program has improved the wellbeing of our residents at Mater Christi, reducing loneliness, anxiety and depression. It has helped staff to know the residents they look after, improving patient care. It has also allowed staff to gain resident trust and cooperation. Subtle changes in residents have been picked up quickly and clinical issues addressed in a timely manner.

What a blessing to be part of a wonderful SCC community. Well done SCC staff!!


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