Rosanna McCarthy – Koh-I-Noor Contemporary Care

Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes – Individual


Alinea Inc

Rosanna, Rosie or ‘Queen of the Laundry”, is the person everybody should have on their team. Rosie has an eye for detail, spreads kindness and joy to everyone she meets through her busy day, and makes you feel special each and every time you come into contact with her. Nothing is too much trouble for Rosie – replenishing stores, sewing on buttons, making repairs to loved and special pieces of clothing, handwashing, a cheery hello, a cheeky story or generally keeping the team in order.

At home Rosie provided care for her mother, and came to work and did just the same for everyone else’s loved ones. She is amazing and words, money or actions could never really repay her for the support she provides to so many people. Rosie loves her job and we all love Rosie.

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