Professor Stephen Li

Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes - Individual


Chinese Australian Services Society Ltd

Professor Stephen Li is the Vice-Chairperson of Chinese Australian Services Society Ltd (CASS). He always has the wellbeing of others at heart and is determined to ensure seniors can obtain up to date and accurate health information. Professor Li’s expertise and selfless commitment has assisted CASS in expanding its disability services and home ageing services.

With 22-years’ experience as a health educator, he was recruited by the NSW Health Pathology in February 2020 as the endorsed COVID-19 educator for the Chinese Australian community. Professor Li has been attending various seminars and briefing sessions provided by the Government, professional organisations, expert virologists and epidemiologists on a regular basis so as to enable him to educate the seniors in the multicultural community.

Since February 2020, Professor Li has been recording weekly radio shows to broadcast COVID-19 information to the multicultural communities across Australia. He has also presented many face-to-face COVID-19 seminars, as well as supporting SBS Radio in their COVID-19 programs.

As a result of Professor Li’s hard work, seniors in the multicultural community are well informed of all the details relating to COVID-19, government policies, the progress related to COVID-19 vaccines and other health related information.


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