Poppy Reece

Skye Harvey Acts of Kindness – Individual


Australian Regional and Remote Community Services

Supporting our First Nations staff and providing culturally appropriate care for our Elders has led our First Nations Program team leader Poppy on a healing journey of her own.

Poppy, who started with ARRCS in 2020, plays an important role in supporting employment for First Nations people, upskilling them in their positions, and working with them and the wider organisation to overcome any barriers and manage any cultural responsibilities they may have.

Such responsibilities might include Sorry Business, a period of mourning and ceremony when someone passes away; or requirements under First Nations customary law.

Having our staff, too, understand that our residents have their cultural beliefs – they might actually be the lore person of their community, so we might have to arrange for them to go back into the community to do the ceremony to teach the younger ones – there’s so much involved in it.

Her knowledge of culturally appropriate care also extends to cooking up a storm of kangaroo tail, yams and damper for our clients – traditional foods that are something of a pick-me-up for First Nations people.

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