Nick McGregor

Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes – Individual



A veteran of the nursing industry, Nick is presently working at Pinangba’s Star of the Sea Aged Care Facility, located on Thursday Island, in the role of Service Manager.

Being located on Thursday Island, Nick’s role is varied and he wears many hats. From undertaking the clinician side of nursing, including checking in on the residents, reviewing any incidents that have happened while he wasn’t there, liaising with hospitals for any discharges, possible respite opportunities and any admissions that may require further information.

It’s also not unusual that he would also be unpacking pallets or driving the bus so that residents can head to church or attend their dialysis appointments. While COVID-19 took over a year to finally reach Thursday Island, the team were ready for it and put into place the processes and procedures they had planned. COVID-19 took out many staff, which meant Nick worked continuous hours to ensure roles were covered and the residents continued to receive high-level support.

The QLD Health swift response team and the doctor who came onto the island was very impressed with how well the team were prepared and how there was no resident to resident patterns.

The Rapid response team were so impressed that they wrote to the Assistant Secretary of Health ‘Star of the Seas stood out as the epitome of calm leadership and caring professionalism during that time.’

During the outbreaks, one of the roles of the nurses and staff was to ensure that everyone had a chance to speak to their families every day. Residents who were ill with COVID-19 were able to facetime family members so that they could see how they were faring through the pandemic.

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