Navneet Kaur

Skye Harvey Community Connections, Community Connections – Individual


Resthaven Incorporated

Resthaven Aberfoyle Park Lifestyle Coordinator, Nav Kaur, began encouraging residents to knit for the homeless in 2019.
Since then, her act of kindness has turned into an annual site project, one which is popular amongst residents.
Nav says, ‘Working together with purchased wool, residents knit squares and lengths, which are then sewn together.’
‘Originally, we made eight blankets, which were personally delivered to homeless people in and around Adelaide city centre to ward against the winter cold.’ ‘The following year, we aimed to double our efforts, making 16 blankets in total.’
‘We have continued every year since then, and we always receive heart-warming words from those who receive their packages, motivating us to keep going!’
‘I am motivated to encourage residents to be involved if they choose to be, so that in the last stage of their life’s journey, they continue to contribute to society in a meaningful way, offering dignity.’
Nav personally delivers the rugs, and her husband takes photos to prove to the residents that their work goes to the homeless, growing trust between herself and residents. Nav is an exemplary example of someone living Resthaven’s values of Trust, Dignity and Choice.
Great job, Nav!

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