Michelle Green

Skye Harvey Acts of Kindness – Individual


Southern Cross Care NSW & ACT

Michelle is the Lifestyle Co-ordinator at Tenison Residential Aged Care in Goulburn.

She has a huge heart and is always willing to assist anyone.

Michelle ensures that the resident’s lifestyle, spiritual and cultural needs are met, and she has always been their advocate but more than anything, she shows them never ending kindness and compassion.

Michelle inspires others to be kind and caring. Her intentions are always to help and to always make everyone feel safe and cared for.

“Since Michelle came to Tenison in charge of Activities, life has changed for the Residents. People who thought they couldn’t do anything bloomed when they discovered what was possible. We were encouraged to make articles to enter in shows for our enjoyment.

Michelle is very thoughtful and finds a way to include everyone in outings and activities and also makes us conscious of the beauty and wonder of our lives.”

Michelle is an inspiration to all.

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