Michael Lyons

Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes - Individual


Uniting NSW.ACT

Michael is a pastoral volunteer whose skills in pastoral and spiritual care are demonstrated in the quality conversations he has with our aged residents. In his interactions, he gently invites folk to unburden themselves and share what is troubling them, if this is their need and choice. He also shares a ready joke with them, has a laugh, tells a little of his own life and develops easy rapport though his stories. Michael does this often to his own detriment, not being the hero in the story, showing his vulnerability.

He has also lessened residents’ anxiety and their sense of isolation, so they know they’re not alone. We are grateful for Michael’s willingness to see people and to pray with them regardless of their beliefs. He doesn’t force his own faith upon them; rather is sensitive to who they are. Michael is able to share quite deep spiritual truths with residents while also prompting them to speak of their life experiences, should they feel ready.


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