Community Transport ‘Exercise Outings’

Skye Harvey Creativity - Team


Mercy Services

As the lockdowns and restrictions in 2020 left many isolated in their own homes, it became quickly evident that more could be done to support our client community. When the restrictions eased to permit exercise, many clients still felt it too risky to get out and about on their own, and many services remained closed due to Public Health Orders. Mercy Services Community Transport team introduced Exercise Outings for clients as an opportunity to get out, be social, and stretch their legs, as safely as possible.

Exercise Outings were arranged for the benefit of small groups of clients, so they could be socially distanced on the buses. Clients were taken on mystery day trips, to safe and scenic locations to stretch their legs safely, and on the way be regaled with tales from our drivers-turned-tour guides. The drivers even pick up lunch, and coffees, so no clients have to enter venues unnecessarily.

The outings have been an instant and consistent hit with clients. New friends were made, and old friends reunited, with overwhelmingly positive feedback from grateful clients and their families.


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