Melville Friends, a Melville Cares initiative

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Melville Cares

If COVID taught us anything, it was the importance of having people you can rely on and knowing that you can support those you care about. That’s really what Melville Friends is all about. It’s about a group of people wanting to broaden their friendships and get more out of life, not just being content to receive services to help them stay at home. It’s about taking the risk to get out and learn new skills and share the passions you have with others. Sometimes it’s just about a conversation with another person. It doesn’t matter if you’re living with a bad foot or dementia, we all crave connection.
Think of Social Tinder for Seniors, that’s Melville Friends. Who knows where it could lead…

I highly recommend Melville Friends to anyone wanting company and laughter.
I was invited to attend an event which with hesitation I said yes as I was lonely. And now with new found friends, and going to different locations, sights, we sit over lunch and reminisce/discuss with laughter and frivolity. My family enjoy listening to me tell them of the day’s outing. It is so good to be able to share this experience with my family. G. Brinkhuizen

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