Maroba: Spreading the Love

Skye Harvey Innovation – Organisation


Maroba Caring Communities

We at Maroba have felt for a while that the pathways to Aged Care work are restricted and limit the people we can welcome to our team. During Covid we recognised more than ever the need for a role that supports both residents and Care teams to have more time in their days. This has seen us develop our Care Support Team or “our extra hands and hearts.” Our Care Support Team join us not requiring any prior experience in Aged Care, we are looking for people with big hearts, who love hard work, can have a laugh and love working in a team. What a success! We have recruited a brand new team of diverse and passionate employees who work in four hour shifts in each of our suburbs, they do a wide range of tasks including making of beds, running the dining rooms, morning and afternoon tea, grooming, linen management, cleaning of residents wheelchairs and walkers amongst a whole host of other duties. Our Care Support team most importantly spend one on one time with residents making real connections. Our teams were apprehensive at first but within the week were asking “can we have more care support?” This innovation has not only enhanced the way we work at Maroba, it has enhanced the resident experience and created new job opportunities and pathways for a whole new group of people.

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