Marita Mayengehama

Skye Harvey Acts of Kindness – Individual


Presbyterian Aged Care

When thinking about Acts of Kindness, our Drummoyne Facility Manager, Marita Mayengehama immediately comes to mind. One only needs to spend 5 minutes talking to Marita about Aged Care to see her absolute passion and commitment for the care of the elderly. Marita’s care philosophy is built entirely around compassion, so much so that she has written and published a book called Art of Care. Marita wrote this book with the purpose of sharing her compassionate approach to care and regularly devotes her time to mentoring other managers and personnel within Presbyterian Aged Care on compassion. As a result of this Marita leads a wonderful team of staff who show kindness and compassion in their care of the residents in their home and celebrates her team through her monthly Compassion Champion initiative. We are so grateful to have Marita as part of the PAC family and admire her for her acts of kindness.

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