Marcin Kolodziej

Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes - Individual


Umbrella Multicultural Community Care Services Inc.

Marcin goes over and above everyday expectations and exhibits exceptional qualities. He has a sincere desire to help the elderly. He exemplifies Umbrella values showing outstanding commitment, dedication and professionalism.

He does not shy away from tough challenges; nothing is ever a problem. We know we can count on him.

The closure of Social Support Programs due to the pandemic was especially difficult for CaLD and LGBTI clients, especially those without family support. We identified vulnerable clients by providing individual social support.

While providing support, Marcin improved clients physical and mental wellbeing. Marcin took socially isolated LGBTI clients to a park to exercise. He brought exercise equipment from the office. He was actively involved in the process of assisting one of our clients to move into residential care.

We receive many positive comments and feedback from clients about him. One client could not remember his name but refers to him as “the disciplined one”. Clients feel supported and respected due to his thoughtful and considerate nature.

Another client was so impressed, and she said: “He was so wonderful”, he knew exactly what she needed and when to give her a helping hand. She did not have to mention anything; he just knew.


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