Marc Wasserfuhr

Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes – Individual


Comlink Australia

Marc’s passion is to help anyone in need. His rapport with clients and staff is truly amazing. Marc never hesitates to leave his busy role to get on the road if there is a client or driver in need. When Marc was on holidays in the USA, he took a call from a client in distress and liaised with the office to ensure a great outcome for our client.
Marc understands what makes a great service is a team that listens to their clients and works cohesively. Marc’s quiet but collaborative leadership has seen him develop and manage a fantastic team who have the utmost respect for Marc which is a credit to his hard work and dedication.
Marc has now taken on the role of Client Services Team Manager which sees him managing all North Brisbane’s front line staff. Marc has taken on this demanding role whilst also supporting others as Comlink Australia goes through a redesign. Marc never complains when he gets a “please help” and will try and resolve any issues. Without Marc’s support through our redesign, we surely would have struggled to get through some of our harder days and Clients would have surely suffered.

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