Madelyn Hanna

Skye Harvey Community Connections – Individual


Resthaven Incorporated

Resthaven Public Relations Officer, Madelyn Hanna, has the role of meeting older people across the organisation, and sharing their incredible stories with the public. Madelyn says, ‘Making connections with older people is genuinely fulfilling to me, and every now and then, I have the opportunity to reconnect clients with long-lost friends.’ ‘One special connection I made this year, was with a 105-year-old independent living client, and a 92-year-old resident.’ ‘When speaking with each of them separately, I learned that they both worked in the Woods and Forests Department (Forestry SA).’ ‘When I shared this information, I discovered that they were long-term friends, who had lost touch with one another decades ago!’ ‘The instant response I received was tears of joy, and overwhelming words of thanks.’
‘The level of joy and comfort this provided them, is a reminder of how special it is to work in the aged care industry, and the power of community connection.’ ‘This isn’t the first time I have been able to make a connection like this at Resthaven, and I’m sure it won’t be the last!’ Thank you for facilitating these community connections across Resthaven, Madelyn.

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