Lunch with Friends

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May Shaw Health Centre Inc.

Lunch with Friends is an initiative started by May Shaw Health Centre Swansea in mid-2017 to help increase community connections and decrease loneliness and isolation within the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council area.

Lunch with Friends is for local community members over the age of 55 and encourages people to organise a group of friends to have lunch together. Bookings for lunch are made by calling the May Shaw Health Centre where the Administration team make the reservations.

Lunch with Friends is held on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month between 12pm and 2pm. Registered Participants pay $10 for a Main meal and a dessert, other guests pay $16 for a Main meal and dessert.

Currently Lunch with Friends is held at the Swansea Golf Club and is attended regularly by 35 people or more. Participants also have access to the Bar at the Golf club if desired, however tea and coffee are provided.

For people that do not have access to transport, this can be provided by the staff who run Lunch with Friends and/or the May Shaw Health Centre Home Care team.
There have been many May Shaw Health Centre Staff who have been involved in Lunch with Friends since its inception, however the current team consists of:
Patricia Tunks – Cook
Julie Castle – Kitchen Assistant
Kaylene Dare – Extended Care Assistant Leisure and Lifestyle
Abbey Quinn – Extended Care Assistant

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