Louisa Kuhnert

Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes – Individual


Blue Care

Louisa is one of Blue Care’s extraordinary human beings. She loves her work because she feels she makes a difference in the lives of the older people for whom she cares.
“COVID lockdowns have been a big challenge for all of us,” Louisa says. “It’s so hard to be separated from your family. I love helping our residents feel happy, safe and cared for. I try to give comfort and spend as much one-on-one time as possible. Instead of giving my residents a hug at the end of my shift, I now blow kisses, which they send back to me.”
To look after her own wellbeing, Louisa started making reborn dolls, but after seeing how much comfort they gave to people with dementia, she brought her hobby to work.
“I love seeing how our residents react to the dolls. I have seen a lot of improvement in their wellbeing. As well as coming to work with me, my dolls have found new homes throughout Australia in different memory support units.”

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