Leanne Neilson

Skye Harvey Acts of Kindness - Individual


Uniting NSW.ACT

Leanne is a Support Worker in the Illawara region who worked with a palliative client in a way that was greatly appreciated by the client’s family. She showed compassion, was caring and sensitive to the situation. On the day of the client’s passing, Leanne visited them and became aware that they were not going to be present in the world for much longer. Leanne called in the client’s son, encouraging him to say his final goodbye to his mother. Within seconds of reaching the room, she passed away peacefully. Without any hesitation, Leanne comforted the son and then gave him time alone with his mother. As soon as she was able to, Leanne washed the client, brushed their hair and laid them in a peaceful position. All of this was done in her own time. She dimmed the room’s lights and asked if there was any more she could do to help. Leanne went over and above what was expected of her in her role and was very humble when management called to check she was ok and thank her for what she had done.


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