Kungkarrangkalpa Aged Care team

Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes – Team


Ngaanyatjarra Health Service

I would like to acknowledge the incredible efforts of the Aged Care team at Kungkarrangkalpa facility in remote WA.

As with facilities everywhere there have been extreme staff shortages requiring staff to work very long hours and go for extended periods without full days off. Despite this the team has pulled together to support each other and the residents taking time out of their days off to engage residents in community activities such as attending church meetings, bush outings on country and taking residents to visit family in other communities. Some of the ladies in the Kungkarrangkalpa facility are passionate about their art and Tjanpi (basket weaving) and staff have been taking time out of their time off to sit with residents facilitating weaving opportunities and learning from them. This is especially significant as there has been very few family and community members able to visit in the context of COVID so having meaningful social engagement activities for residents has been particularly needed.

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