Krysztof Glinka

Skye Harvey Creativity - Individual


Umbrella Multicultural Community Care Services Inc.

Krzysztof is creative and innovative in enhancing clients’ lives, especially during the pandemic when programs were closed. The social support program closure resulted in some clients feeling socially isolated. We identified and provided individual support to clients.

Krzysztof excelled by taking the initiative and thinking outside the box to improve their wellbeing; physically, spiritually and mentally.

Krzysztof is very calm, patient and has excellent listening skills. He focuses attention on the individual care of every client and comes up with creative solutions to make a positive difference.

He took board games from the office to play with one client who really enjoys board games. Another client wanted to buy an iPad. Krzysztof helped to identify the client’s requirements, suggesting a suitable model for her needs. He provided IT help and taught the client how to use the iPad.

He identified a client he was providing individual social support for, was feeling really down due to social isolation. Group activities had been his primary social interaction and made the client feel he belonged.

Krzysztof found photos of the client and his friends from his group. Krzysztof framed the photos and presented these to the client. The client was really touched by his gesture.


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