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Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes – Organisation



Our 97 year old brother Anthony Manera is a resident at the above home since his wife died in 2018. From our initial contact with the Manager Jennifer Neilsen, we realised that our brother would be in perfect hands. And it has been that way from day one. At no time have we been concerned for his welfare. His every need is met with compassion , efficiency and courtesy. Needless to say, the fact that our concern for his well being is totally catered for is an immense relief. We do not have the expertise or resources to provide complete care. Koh- I-Noor is so well placed to do that.
Every staff member contributes in some way to his care and enjoyment of life . We are indebted to them and in particular Jennifer Neilsen who, as Manager carries the immense burden of maintaining the diverse demands of that position. Always pro active , her management of the Covid 19 outbreak in particular has been brilliant. All residents at Koh-I-Noor are lucky to have such a strong team led by her.

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