Kim McDonald

Skye Harvey Innovation – Individual


Bay & Basin Community Resources

When Kim McDonald first started her career in Aged Care, she wished she’d had a mentor to guide and inspire her. Now with 15 years of experience behind her and a full understanding of all the joys and challenges of community care work, Kim is mentoring others in her new role as Care Coach with Bay & Basin Community Resources (BBCR).
The role was developed as an innovative response to the challenges community care workers were experiencing out in the field. Kim’s role is to ensure our care team always feel valued and appreciated through ongoing recognition, guidance and support.
Another important aspect of Kim’s role is connecting our clients with technology including ExSitu, innovative software designed to generate client-driven values-based, personalised care plans. Through ExSitu, Kim and her team can get an in-depth understanding of what is important to our clients, what brings them joy, and how we might support them to live their best possible life.
From day one, Kim has impressed the BBCR team with her initiative and willingness to embrace new technologies including ExSitu. As Care Coach, Kim is having a positive impact not only in service quality, but also staff morale and retention.

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