Kerrie Stevens

Skye Harvey Acts of Kindness – Individual


Australian Regional and Remote Community Services

Kerrie looks after our Nganampa Ngura Mutitjulu-nya Flexible Aged Care facility, community care and School Nutrition Program in the closed Aboriginal community of Mutitjulu, which sits in the shadow of Uluru.

It isn’t always easy, what with the isolation, staff shortages and being in lockdown for months on end to protect some of our nation’s most vulnerable people during the pandemic.

Kerrie and her team have taken the time to learn some language, simple phrases in Pitjantjatjara to help with communication. Kerrie has a special knack for finding meaningful activities for residents. Like the time she organised for them to fly over Uluru – a special right reserved for traditional land owners.

Kerrie recently discovered that some of our Elders had grown up around camels, walking alongside them as children. At that time camels were reserved for Elders and transporting goods only, so children did not have the opportunity to ride. On hearing this, Kerrie organised for the Elders to go on a camel ride at Yulara for the first time in their lives.

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