Katerina Kouris

Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes – Individual


Greek Orthodox Community Home for the Aged

Katerina is the most exceptional leader and such an inspiration to everyone associated with our Aged Care Home because her kindness and empathy exceeds all expectations. She is the gold standard of Aged Care Facility Manager. Katerina would rather accompany residents to their appointments herself rather than charge them for an escort service. The residents’ welfare and wellbeing is at the very core of all her decisions. Her highly responsive and affable manner endears her to absolutely everyone because she lives and breathes a genuine love and affection for each and every resident. Katerina makes time for everyone and every situation. Her management style is neither conventional nor conservative, yet it is progressive, liberal and open-minded, always modelling an authentic and genuine love and care for each and every one of our residents in their twilight years. Our inspirational leader brings us all together in our finely tuned Greek Community Aged Care Home. She remains readily accessible with unlimited support, advice and directives facilitating optimum care and lifestyle services. Despite her position, Katerina sees absolutely no issue to personally toileting and attending to a resident’s needs. I have never, ever seen this level of personal commitment from a Facility Manager. So humble is Katerina that if anyone outside work asks what her job is, she will very proudly reply, “I’m a Nurse.”

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