Katarzyna (Kat) Matkowski

Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes - Individual


Umbrella Multicultural Community Care Services Inc.

During the outbreak of Covid-19, Kat went above and beyond her role (as coordinator) with clients, families, and workers. She is always present for those requiring assistance and works hard to ensure support workers worked when the Activity Centre had come to a standstill.

She showed great initiative and thinking outside the box to create social support services for clients who could not continue to attend the Day Centre and were at risk of being socially isolated.

Kat’s empathy and compassion for all involved enabled clients and support staff to continue to receive services and keep people in jobs. This is a huge achievement considering a large number of Umbrella clients and support staff.

She is a tower of strength and support to clients and staff, but also works in the office daily. Kat deals with daily coordination, giving her time even long after going home time.

Kat is often referred to by clients and family members as ‘their Angel’, something Kat`s nature would never feel comfortable with due to her noticeable humility and quiet disposition.

Kat gets on with the job in her quiet, gentle, and polite manner, making herself available at the drop of a hat.


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