Kasia Pulwicka

Skye Harvey Acts of Kindness - Individual


Umbrella Multicultural Community Care Services Inc.

Kasia is ‘one of a kind’ when it comes to acts of kindness. Kasia actively guided staff to check on vulnerable clients during the pandemic. She arranged respite service for carers.

A client decided to move into residential care. Kasia ensured all went smoothly, organising everything. The client and daughter were extremely grateful.

(email from client’s daughter)
I can’t thank you enough, …for the hard work, exceptional and expert advice and compassionate care you gave …. I live in another country, … dad has someone like you to help him…Thank you for helping him find … facility that suited him. He told me many times that he ‘couldn’t do it without Kasia’s help’ or ‘I don’t have to do anything as Kasia is taking care of everything’. He really built trust in you. … impressed with your professionalism … time you took to communicate with dad and me.
I was amazed by how much you know, my dad and his personality. And how to handle the situation, so was stress-free for him. You do such an important job.
Thank you for going beyond the call of duty.

Kasia sent out an appeal to mobility providers for help. She allocated donated scooters, walking frame and recliner to grateful and deserving clients.


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