Julie Tansing

Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes – Individual


Resthaven Incorporated

Clinical Nurse Learning Development, Julie Tansing, is on a mission to educate aged care staff on Parkinson’s Disease – a diagnosis suffered by more than 10 million people worldwide.
‘Parkinson’s Disease can affect every aspect of a person’s life,’ says Julie.
‘Each person with Parkinson’s is unique, and needs individualised care. That is why a holistic approach, including a team of allied health professionals to manage it, is very beneficial.’
‘My team recently asked residents across Resthaven to define how Parkinson’s had impacted on their quality of life. Their responses were quite profound.’ ‘“I have lost part of myself”, “my whole life has changed”, “my life is ruined” and “the most important things in life have been taken away”.’ ‘Despite its prevalence around the world, understanding how to manage those with the disease is not well known – this needs to change.’ ‘The role of the person’s carer is vital in managing the disease, and as long as we educate carers, both unpaid and paid, we will see a positive shift in the quality of life in those with Parkinson’s.’
Julie conducts education sessions for staff, residents and clients via zoom, and face to face, with ongoing education throughout the year.
She really is an unsung hero in Parkinson’s Disease.

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