Jodie Price – Kalyra McLaren Vale

Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes – Individual


Kalyra McLaren Vale

Jodie has been an integral part of the team at Kalyra McLaren Vale for over 20 years in her current role, having been part of the team from 2001. Jodie is an integral part of the team, who the organisation could not go without, undertaking clinical assessment and documentation. Jodie has always stepped up when she has been needed, particularly during times of change, including the integration of the new standards, taking change in her stride and mentoring others where required. Jodie has an eye for detail with exceptional use of language, and assessment skill writing, which has supported the team to maintain a high standard of care to all residents. This keen eye for detail and commitment to following process and policy; has ensured Kalyra Mclaren Vale has achieved full accreditation requirements with both the new and previous standards. Kalyra’ s values are truly met by Jodie who demonstrates these qualities in her work and personality: caring, community, commitment, enabling others and strength. We are so grateful as a team to be supported by Jodie and have a great deal of respect for her skills and knowledge that she freely shares with us all. With Jodie’s work in the background, we have been able to provide best practice care to ensure all residents at Kalyra McLaren Vale receive high quality care in a homely environment.

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