Jill Segaert

Skye Harvey Acts of Kindness – Individual



It goes without saying our nomination goes to Jill Segaert’s selfless commitment to ensuring the safety of Ratko, a retiree living in dangerous public housing where alcohol and drugs were prevalent and problematic residents made it impossible for care visits without a representative and on multiple occasions, police presence.

Jill worked tirelessly with Ratko to develop rapport, earn his trust and encouraged him to accept her help. After one challenging false start, where Ratko refused to move as the location was too far away from where he was currently living, Jill finally managed to secure a location in an aged care residence. By this stage, the only possession Ratko had left was a broken bed, everything else was stolen.

But Jill didn’t stop there. Through various sources, she raised donations and was able to fully stock his fridge, furnish his apartment and transform his new apartment into a home that was welcoming and safe.

Without Jill’s dedication to changing one man’s life, Ratko would still be vulnerable and at risk living in his old apartment, but instead, he has regained his health and his independence and has expressed his thanks and the importance of feeling safe in his new home.

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