Jessica Carr

Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes – Individual



Jess is one of our residential coordinators and her main role is coordinating admissions to our facility. This is a complex role and essentially Jess’s personality is showcased as the ‘Face of McNamara Lodge’. She is efficient’ helpful, knowledgeable and super friendly and this carries through from residents and families first contact and meeting, throughout their journey. Placing a loved one into Permanent Residential Aged Care can be difficult for many, and Jess is one of the main support people for many of their queries and concerns, allaying their fears, assisting when she can, and supporting not only the resident, but the extended family throughout. She is excellent in remembering names and faces of so many, making staff and families feel acknowledged and special. We know that Jess goes above and beyond, quietly working behind the scenes, getting rooms ready for new residents, including moving furniture and making beds. Jess makes this transition appear ‘seamless’ and the extended RAAFA family thank her for that. Jess welcomes them at the front door, settles them in, and is available at all times, providing an open door for any burning questions when they are new and havent met all of the other staff as yet. She is their ‘shining lighthouse’ amongst a sea of new faces, a new environment and new routines. We know that this goes a long way to provide emotional wellbeing as well as a new, safe home for many. Jess is our true UNSUNG HERO!


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