Jennifer Neilsen Koh – I – Noor Contemporary Care

Skye Harvey Unsung Heroes – Individual



Jennifer Neilson is the the Facility Manager at Koh I Noor Contemporary Care. Jennie is the ultimate professional, showing excellence in the management of the Centre, but she is so much more. On top of her normal duties Jennie is always out on the floor, assisting and helping with the direct care of the residents, never afraid to get her hands dirty. Incredibly personable, she knows the names of all staff, residents and residents family’s and ensures the needs of the overall Koh I Noor community are met. Her management of the centre throughout the Pandemic has been exceptional, resulting in very minimal lockdown time and keeping the connection between the residents, their families and the community alive and without the feeling of missing out. Jennie runs and organises many extras for the residents and families of Koh I Noor, including special outings, Christmas carols, music programs, cooking classes, outdoor adventures and the celebration of all that is normal and important to the community she looks after. A talented people manager who works cohesively with all of her staff and allows them to grow and flourish in their respected field. Jennies passion for aged care shows through and through in all aspects of her work and interaction with all of those around her. A natural born leader sharing all of her knowledge, makes for a harmonious and rewarding workplace. Jenni never says die, as experienced recently whilst she was running the COVID training for residents family members, she had completed so many training sessions that she had almost lost her voice, the training program was exceptional and exceptionally presented by Jennie, who insured that people of different demographics were of a clear understanding of what needed to be done to keep everyone safe.
If there are Angels on Earth – I believe we have found one here at Koh I Noor with Jennie.

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