Janine Lucas

Skye Harvey Acts of Kindness - Individual


integratedliving Australia

Janine Lucas has worked as a Support Worker for integratedliving for two years. Last year, Janine went above and beyond for one of our clients, Edna (Jo) who is a veteran of World War Two.

Janine noticed an advertisement on television one night about the 75-year anniversary medallion that can be claimed by all living World War Two veterans. Janine asked Jo’s permission at her next shift to sit with Jo and apply for the medallion (that Jo didn’t even know she was entitled to)!

This was not enough for Janine though. She had heard that politicians like to present these medallions and organised for Senator Jacqui Lambie to present Jo with her medallion. Senator Lambie, having previously served in the army herself, presented Jo with her medallion and stayed for afternoon tea. Janine gave the best of herself to create a very special occasion and memory for Jo.

Janine explained Jo’s delight at receiving the medallion, certificate and a visit from Senator Lambie.

“Jo said she cannot thank all of us enough for everything we do for her and for the biggest surprise of her life. It is something she will always remember and treasure.”


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