Ivan Wong

Skye Harvey Community Spirit - Individual


CASS Care Limited

Mr Ivan Wong is the Senior Executive Officer (SEO) of CASS Home Ageing Services. He is in charge of the development and management of CASS Home Ageing Services which include Home Care Packages, Commonwealth Home Support Programs, CASS Aged Day Centres, Short Term Restorative Care Services, Miscellaneous Services (Handy Helping Hand which is a service for seniors who are not eligible for government funding, and Brokerage service), the Community Visitors Scheme, seniors activity groups funded by CASS and any aspect of development in aged care matters.

Since taking up the leadership role in the organisation’s aged care services in 2008, Ivan has led the team with commitment and enabled the development of CASS’s Home Ageing Services which has grown massively in the last 12 years and currently has a team of around 150 staff members, and serving a total of over 2,300 customers.


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