Hiam Katrib

Skye Harvey Creativity - Individual


Mission Australia

Hiam Katrib works as the Volunteer Coordinator in the aged care sites for Mission Australia. Due to COVID, Hiam has had difficulty getting volunteers to come in to our aged care facilities to assist with activities; this task has been quite the challenge.

Hiam has worked hard and determinedly to get entertainment and activities up and going for the residents. In particular the work she created for Halloween (30th October) was just amazing. Hiam was able to secure a singer to entertain the residents. She single handedly decorated the facility with scary bits and pieces to create the mood.

She was able to source an entertainer who she asked to dress as Dracula and between Hiam and the entertainer, they created an atmosphere of joy and happiness. The residents were singing along and thoroughly enjoying this activity. It was so good to see the residents enjoying themselves after being restricted with both visitors and restricted ability to be able to leave the facility.

There are so many examples where Hiam has extended herself for our residents. She came in on a Saturday to run Bingo (unpaid) as someone had called in sick.

Hiam is a true professional who has compassion and interest in her work to ensure that the quality of life for our residents is enhanced. A great woman worthy of recognition not only for Halloween activities but all the work she is doing to build an entertainment program for our residents.


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