Gregory Buckley – Residential Aged Care, Ageing

Skye Harvey Innovation – Individual



Greg successfully spearheaded the Specialist Dementia Care Program for Uniting. The unit is one of only 33 in all of Australia and it has built a good reputation within the community.
Greg is an excellent leader with exceptional skills in managing people with highly difficult behaviours related to BPSD (Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia). He inspires employees to do their best and supports the nurses in developing novel ways of managing BPSD. The unit receives visits from various VIPs and is starting to become recognised in the academic community as a hotbed for research. Greg is bold and imaginative with how he manages the Specialist Dementia Care Unit, compassionate towards employees and residents. and always respectful to whoever he communicates with.
Greg is a survivor himself and knows the value of life. He is an amazing boss and listens to everyone. He is a great communicator and is truly a pleasure to work under.  Working with people living with dementia is not easy work but most, if not all, employees are very happy here with Greg as their leader. Please consider him for the award as he really deserves to be recognised for his leadership.

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